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Main properties of plastic sand block
  • The application of plastic sand block is relatively extensive. It stands out because it has other characteristics. The following is mainly explained from four aspects.
  • (1) The plastic sand block has a long storage life in a dry and well ventilated environment, that is, it has a long service life.
  • (2)Plastic sand block has high stability and will be solidified in acidic solution.
  • (3)The permeability of plastic sand blocks is related to the thickness of plastic sand blocks. Plastic sand blocks with different thickness, i.e. different permeability, can be manufactured according to different needs.
  • (4)The strength of plastic sand block is high, which is convenient and not easy to be damaged in the process of use.
Application of putty knife
  • Putty knife is a very practical auxiliary product. It is small, light and practical! Putty knife is one of the paint auxiliary tools. It is a hand tool often used by painters. It is simple and convenient to use. It can scrape, shovel, paint and fill. It is widely used in construction and life.
    The common surface treatment of putty knife blade is divided into ordinary polishing (the steel strip is polished by sand when leaving the factory) and mirror polishing (one of the surface treatment of metal steel strip, the effect is the same as that of mirror). The handle is divided into wood handle, plastic handle (plastic handle has two-color handle,beautiful appearance and comfortable hand feeling), iron handle and all plasticputty knife,according to the habits and uses of users.
Characteristics of rubber hammer
  • The head of the rubber hammer is soft in order to minimize the damage to the striking object. Its hammer head is wide, which can spread the force over a wider area. The material used is softer than steel. When choosing a rubber hammer, choose a softer material than the material you want to hammer.
    Because the hammer head is soft, it will be worn out, so the hammer head is removable, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance, so that you can quickly change when knocking harder or softer materials.
    The rubber hammer can smash things without causing damage. It can replace the hammer head and support the use on objects of different materials.
Plastic mudboard
  • Plastic plastering board is a very practical construction tool. This product will appear as long as it is in the construction industry, and it is a vital tool!
    The traditional plastic plastering board is made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Now there is a more durable plastic material. The plastic plastering board of this material has the advantages of light weight, long-term grip, good strength, good wall effect and cheaper price. Many foreign customers have now replaced the ordinary wooden or iron plastering board with plastic plastering board!
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